The OCC committee are elected members of the club who meet occasionally to drink beer. Um. Oh yes, and organise the club. Committee membership lasts 2 years before re-election, so will all be up for grabs in 2022.

Chair: Andrew Webb (Webby)

Webby acts as final point of decision for club matters. He is also far too quick up the hills.


Secretary / Membership: Mike Lowndes

Mike is the club dogsbody, webmaster and membership wrangler. Watches the above members disappear up the hills.

Treasurer / Social Media: Dave Nash (Nasher)

Nasher leads on member comms and club marketing, Facebook and Instagram, writing words and taking pictures. Also kit orders. Variable form on the hills.

Ride Leaders: Paul Honeybone (Hunnybunny)

Hunnybunny is responsible for the ride leader roster. His Kiwi straightforwardness and common sense keeps the rest of us grounded. Usually near Mike on the hills.

2019 AGM was held in The Old Bookbinders, Jericho on 18th March. The AGM outcomes are published here

2020 AGM was held in The Old Bookbinders, Jericho on 27th Feb. The AGM outcomes will be pbulished shortly.

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