About Us

“A group of friends on bikes is almost always a group of the same level. You have to have a real physical complicity to ride well together. That’s not about all being similar or all being of equal strength – you just need each person to bring something to the group.”  – Paul Fournel, French writer and cyclist.

Oxford Cycling Club, or OCC as we prefer to call it, is a friendly and welcoming club that offers challenging rides and a lively and eclectic calendar of social events. We want our members to enjoy a positive cycling experience and encourage them to improve their performance, whilst always keeping a keen eye on safety and discipline.

Our club ride is held every Saturday morning and starts promptly at 9am from outside Bike Zone in St Michael’s Street, in the historic centre of the city.

Aside from promoting cycling in Oxford, one of the founding aims of OCC was to create a great club atmosphere, with social events and member benefits. The club also organises regular trips away to other parts of the UK and beyond and discovering some quiet and spectacular roads in the Forest of Dean and the Welsh bordersMallorca and the Vercors region of southern France.

Furthermore, we are proud to have teamed up with Sobell House and a proportion of all the money raised by OCC via subscriptions, events and kit sales is channelled to this venerable Oxford institution, so that their dedicated staff can continue to provide specialist palliative care to Oxfordshire residents. The Sobell logo is prominently displayed on our eye-catching, contemporary club kit.

Group riding and being a member of a club can be a very rewarding experience, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require further information. Alternatively, roll up on a Saturday morning and join us for a ride and find out a little more about what OCC is all about!