Thinking about joining?

Then come along on a Saturday at 9am and join us for club ride!

Whether you are an experienced road cyclist or have never ridden with a club or in a group before you are welcome to join us, though a decent level of fitness and endurance is required, along with a road bike in good working order. Our club rides are at the faster end of the scale: the medium ride is usually around 17+ mph (overall average) and the medium-fast a little higher, around the 18+mph mark. Both those figures are likely to rise during the warmer months by about 1-2 mph each.

As a rough guide to fitness, if you want to join our medium ride we’d expect you to be able to ride 50-60 miles at 15-16 mph on a solo ride. The medium-fast group can average anything between 17-20 mph depending on the time of year, the terrain and weather conditions, so you would need to be riding at an overall average speed of  around 17+ mph on your solo rides of 50-60 miles to be comfortable with the  pace.

There is further information on our club rides on the website and  we would be grateful if you also take a moment to read our page on ‘How We Ride’ –  which details our calls, shouts and expected etiquette on the road.

Drop us a line if you have any further queries, but in the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you on an OCC ride and, even better, let us know you are coming!