OCC AGM 2019 – main outcomes

  1. Feedback

General feeling from members that the club does safety and ride discipline very well, and is a differentiating attribute.

2. Safety – reaffirming our commitment as ride leaders.

  • Communicate with clear intentions
  • Always point out pot holes unless it’s unsafe to take your hands off the handlebars and if so, shout.
  • Defer to ride leader if you are unsure whether to single out, or not – ride big but ride safe – ride singled out up steeper hills.
  • Always thank drivers who have waited patiently behind us before passing. 
  • At junctions, always stop; if on the rear, accelerate away quickly to tighten up; for those on the front accelerate gradually to allow everyone to get on.
  • Ride as a cohesive group, only splitting on long ascents and descents according to ability / effort. Showboating discouraged.

3. Establishing an OCC Medium ride

Targeting cyclists who want to ride regularly, have reasonable fitness, and perhaps haven’t tried cycling in a group before. 

Establish from Saturday March 23, 2019. – approx. 2km/h below MF ride.

  • Update the website
  • Promote via FB
  • Flyer in Oxford bike shops
  • Approach NHS + Sobell newsletter

Route will follow the current single ride, without compromising quality for existing members; aiming to finish no more than 15 – 30 mins after the Medium Fast ride so we can all meet-up post-ride as a club.

Targeting potential female riders – promoting women’s contact on FB / Website

Ride leaders – poll to determine who is available / definitely not available for both M / MF rides.

4. UK Day ride

Saturday 18th May agreed for a club day ride in the West Cotswolds

5. Club overseas trip: 12th – 16th September

Webby to confirm booking details with Velo Vercors and circulate to the Club – expecting 6 – 8 riders. The benefit to booking earlier is the cost of the air ticket.