OCC Club Rides

Oxford Cycling Club is a sporting social riding club. While individual members may compete in cycling events and can do so in club kit, as a club we enter no races, race in no leagues and take part no time trial events. There are other clubs in the Oxford area that cater for these. We are mostly busy folk for whom riding is a joy and luxury in downtime, and use the club to push ourselves among our peers.

The weekly OCC Club ride starts promptly at 9am on Saturday morning and leaves from outside Bike Zone on St Michael’s Street in the historic centre of Oxford. A second ride, our mideweek ‘Slackers’ ride goes out on Wednesday mornings for those with flexible working conditions, or who are not working. In the summer months there is a Thursday Evening ride, also social. These rides are not generally open to non-members, but we can be contacted directly about joining one.

Club ride length is usually between the 60-70 mile mark in summer, though shorter in winter or if the weather conditions are poor.


Overall average speed can vary but expect around 18+ mph (29km/h) for the medium group, 19+mph (31 km/h) for the medium-fast group, and 20+mph (33 km/h) for the fast group – all figures rising during the warmer months. For 2023 the club is enveavouring to set up and maintain a Medium Steady group at 16+ mph (26kp/h) and welcomes potential riders. The weather conditions, amount of climbing and the size of the group will also impact on the overall average speed. If you would like further clarification on likely tempo there is more info here or contact us directly.

Non-members are very welcome to join our Club Rides as they offer a great opportunity to get to know a few members and learn more about OCC. We will ensure that you are looked after by our experienced ride leaders and club members, but we do limit these ‘taster’ club rides to three before we ask you to join!

The wearing of a helmet is mandatory on all OCC club rides and cycling events.

Each group will have a designated Ride Leader who not only dictates the route, but also the pace, when and where the group stops and will make the call if he/she wants the group to ride in single file or two abreast. We ask that everyone respects the commands from the Ride Leader at all times.

Please be aware that we ask all non-members to leave their name and ICE details on arrival.

If you are new to road cycling or group riding, please let your Ride Leader know. They will ensure you are provided with all necessary support and advice for the duration of the ride.

The proposed routes (using Strava) are published in Events  no later than Friday evening, allowing time for them to be downloaded. If you have any doubts about likely speed or duration, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Ensure your bike is roadworthy and the tyres are in good condition and please check the weather in advance and wear the clothing appropriate for the likely conditions. We ask that you  pack at least one spare inner tube, a pump and tyre levers.

Fuelling: OCC club rides do not entail a café stop. Rather than indulge in coffee and cake mid-ride, we prefer to keep our legs fresh and head back to Oxford for some post-ride refreshment! When necessary, we may stop to take on extra water or snacks, but please ensure you bring adequate fuel and water for the ride. Bike Zone on St Michael’s Street sells a small range of nutrition products and water bottles. Drinking water is available. Slacker’s rides do usually include a stop.

Please familiarise yourself with the OCC How We Ride information.  All clubs differ with their calls and signals, so we want to ensure that the OCC bunch is shouting from the same script!

New to riding in a group?  Then take a look at our comprehensive guide to group riding. We encourage all OCC members (and those joining OCC for a ride) to familiarise themselves with the advice. It not only makes the rides safer, but it will make them that little more enjoyable for all!