OCC Code of Conduct

As a friendly and welcoming Club for road cyclists living in and visiting Oxford, OCC aims to be highly regarded for well-organised rides and challenging routes, with group safety always a priority. With this in mind, we believe that ‘signing up’ on becoming a Member is the time to read and agree to our basic Code of Conduct.

Being safe

  • We always adhere to the rules of the road, and ride with courtesy, discipline and good communication.

  • We show respect for the ride leaders, others in the group, and all other road users.

  • We share responsibility, following the agreed ride leader, to make sure everyone comes home safely, or is accounted for at the end of each ride.

Being inclusive

  • We want to foster a welcoming and positive Club atmosphere for all new and prospective Club members.

  • We have fun and challenge each other on the bike, but always from a place of basic respect (e.g. irrespective of gender, age and ethnicity).

  • We respect the pace set by the leader and try to pick the right ride, as we all experience fluctuations in fitness and health throughout the seasons.

Being supportive

  • We encourage you as a member to make a commitment to OCC that works for your personal situation. We respect that this is different for each of us. At a minimum this means:

  1. Wearing the club colours with pride.
  2. Promoting the Club appropriately, as you are always an ambassador of OCC.
  • We also encourage you as a member to support our charity, Sobell House, in the spirit of volunteering and making Oxford a great place to live for all.

    There are no ‘hard and fast’ rules – but we commit to make this a great cycling club by bringing a positive attitude to having fun together on the bike, looking like a great team on the road and doing good in the community.