OCC Rider testimonials

We always welcome new riders to the OCC peloton, especially those who are relatively new to cycling or group riding, but eager to push themselves a little harder and improve there fitness and cycling skills. But don’t take it from us, below are some testimonials from a few of our newest members and cyclists who have joined us for a club ride in recent months.

It’s been wonderful for established members to see so many new riders joining us recently, so if you want to enhance your road cycling experience, join us for a club ride at 9am from Bike Zone every Saturday! 

“I had my first club ride with the OCC last Saturday and joined straight afterwards! Amazing club with a group of incredibly friendly and strong cyclists. The pace is thrilling – so speed fiends out there will love it! The club is full of experienced riders  and they look out for all the riders in tow, maintaining a great club ethos that a club ride should be fun – just like a ride with a great bunch of friends! Can’t wait for the next ride!”   Thomas Li 

“My husband and I had the pleasure of jumping on the OCC train from Standlake to beyond Sutton. We just wanted to say thank you for the tow – it was fab! We were impressed by how friendly you all were, and how tightly and well you ride. It’s easy to enjoy something and not give credit . . .  so we wanted you to know our brief time with you was appreciated!.”  Wendy Gundry

“Thanks all for a warm welcome and a disciplined ride.” Alex Pettet

“I joined Oxford CC this summer, and my experience of the club is:  Welcoming, Organised …. and Fast ! From my first contact it’s clear that this club is genuinely happy to encourage new members and to make them welcome.  It’s easy to find all the information you need: when the club will ride, the planned route, where to meet and so on.  If you want to ride a sustained/high tempo for 2-4 hour rides then this is the club for you!”   Peter Couldery 

“It was a fun ride and I aim to be there next Saturday!”  Tret Jordan

“I had been following OCC for over a year (mainly due to their amazing routes posted on Strava every week) and decided to join them for a ride. Best decision ever!  A great bunch of people, experienced riders and from the first ride you’ve got the feeling of riding amongst mates, so I joined the club straight away. It’s exiting, challenging, fun and the routes are incredible. What’s not to like?!!”  Mariusz Wiersciuk 

“Fantastic well planned routes, very welcoming and friendly club.”  Matt Aronow

“I had my first ride with the OCC back in August and joined shortly thereafter. The club is full of experienced riders who are keen to show new cyclists the ways of club riding, while maintaining emphasis on enjoyment, safety and, of course, coffee! The club routes are diverse, challenging and very well thought out. I believe the OCC is a great place for new cyclists to ride with others for the first time, meet new faces and learn tips and tricks. As a more experienced group rider, I also think the OCC is the ideal club for riders who wish to push themselves on the climbs, safe in the knowledge that the tailwind will propel the group back into Oxford at the end of the day!”  Connor Penfold

“As a recent new member to the OCC family, I am happy with all aspects of the riding. The ride discipline, safety, routes, coffee stops and post ride socials all combine to deliver real fun, plus I am getting fitter & faster!”  Jonathan Bevan

“Another great day with OCC! If anyone is looking for a challenging group ride, then don’t look further! Tips on bike set up, nutrition and upgrades. I can’t thank them enough! OCC it is!”   Rytis Stanevičius

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