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Oxfordshire County Council have recently set up an online consultation/questionnaire asking cyclists to provide feedback on how road surfaces have contributed to accidents or mishaps. Oxford Cycling Club has been invited to contribute, prior to the survey being expanded to a larger audience, so please add your voice.

Oxfordshire County Council and the Highways Department will use the information gathered to get a better understanding as to where improvements can be made and which repairs/resurfacing works should be priority.

It’s not just potholes and road detritus they want to know about, but other issues like manhole covers, loose chippings, mud spillage (from agricultural vehicles) and irregular surfaces to name but a few. It also asks for any additional factors that may have contributed, including traffic, car-dooring, vegetation encroaching on the road and lighting conditions.

Plenty of scope, therefore, and if you have been involved in an accident in the last couple of years, then you may have something to add that may prove invaluable both to the County Council and your fellow road cyclists.

The closing date for the questionnaire is October 22nd, after which there will be follow up discussions with the Highways Department and any interested parties. The questionnaire only takes a minute or so, can be answered anonymously and note that they are ONLY asking for details of any incidents that happened between September 2015 and September 2017.

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